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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Insert Mapquest Map into Word Doc

I just had a question though email asking how you insert a map from mapquest into a Microsoft Word document. The way that I did it was actually very simple. Using the Firefox web browser I went to mapquest, entered the address which I wanted a map for, and then right clicked on the map and selected the "Save image as" menu item. Since the image is in the GIF format I made sure to name the files using a .gif file extension.

Once I had the map image file I simply opened MS Word, selected the "Instert" menu, then selected "Picture", then selected "From File". Then I browsed for the mapquest gif image that I had just created and clicked the "Insert" button.

Have you ever had a problem inserting images from the internet into your MS Word documents?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You cannot right click on a Mapquest map.

11:33 AM  
Blogger Ben Dash said...

You're correct, since I answered that question mapquest has changed from using a raster gif image to show the map and now uses a vector svg image.

So now you can use "ALT"+"Print Screen" to capture a screenshot of your web browser and paste that into MS paint, crop only the map out, paste that into a new MS paint window, and save that as a gif,jpg, or png for later insertion into a word doc.

4:04 PM  
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