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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Free Questions and Answers - How?

Someone just asked me the what, when, where and why regarding Ben's Questions and Answers, so here's the answer, as always for free:


Ben's Questions and Answers ( ) is the name of a Blog which I created to serve as a forum where people could ask me questions and I could display their respective answers.


I've been thinking of a free Questions and Answers forum/community for a while and finally decided to build it on April 20th 2005.


Currently the free Questions and Answers site is built using Blogger and the address is


For some unknown reason I seem to be able to find information on the internet which others either cannot find or cannot find easilly. Consequently people often come to me with questions which they would like an answer to and I'm usually able to provide an answer within a couple of minutes. I enjoy helping people find answers to their questions since I usually learn something in the process and so it's generally mutually beneficial. I chose to host the free Questions and Answers site on Blogger because I believe in "eating your own dog food" since I'm a Linux advocate and a Google search user.

So there you have it; what, when, where and why. If you have any additional thoughts please leave a comment, and if you have a question which you'd like me to answer for free please send it to Ben Dash at


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tatz great bt cn u answers edu forms of ques like ques on college/high sch maths,bio n phy?

10:20 PM  

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