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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Portable Media

Someone asked me if I knew of a device which would allow them to transport video which they recorded using MythTV and then play that video on a TV screen.

It's possible to transport your audio and video media between PCs using a USB external Hard Disk Drive, however, if you want to display your media on a TV screen then the MediaGate MG-25 is what you need, available from Amazon here:

The MediaGate MG-25 will allow you to copy audio and video onto its 2.5 inch HDD and then play that audio and/or video on a TV or stereo though S-Video, Component and Composite cables. It also comes with a remote control.

If you need a mobile video display solution then you could use one of the many LCD DVD players which support video in. One example is the Coby TFDVD7100, available from Amazon here:

Alternatively, the iRiver PMP-120 does storage, transportation and display all in one convenient package, reviewed against other options here, and available from Amazon here:

Have fun viewing your recorded media on the go, make sure you aren't watching TV when you should be driving though, if you have any comments please let me know and if you have any other questions which you'd like me to answer for free please send them to Ben Dash at


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