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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Smallest Virtual Machine Home Host Server for OpenVZ, LXC, VServer, BSD Jails

Someone asked me what the smallest virtual machine home host server is.

If you're using containerized virtualization, as I described in my previous answer here (Cheapest Virtual Machine Host Server), then you do not need to worry about using a CPU that includes hardware virtualization features like VT-x or AMD-V. If you're just needing container-based virtualization like OpenVZ, LXC, VServer or BSD Jails then you can use a very small PC indeed. How small? How about Gumstix small...

Small enough for you?

Details about how to set up OpenVZ on this tiny PC can be found here. Details about how to run LXC on ARM can be found here

Of course, if you want, you can do the same with a slightly larger, but much more practical, Raspberry Pi too.

If you need x86, but still need low power and no moving parts, then the DMP EBOX PCs are really interesting.

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