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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Online book publishing

Someone asked me if there is a web site which allows you to print and sell books which you have written yourself. There are actually several online book publishers, or online self publishers, which you can upload your manuscript to who will handle the printing and the online bookstore sales for you.

The online publishing house that I prefer is called LuLu (, however, all of the varios online publishers tend to provide very similar features. Lulu will accept your manuscript in various formats including Microsoft Word and PDF. I would recommend using PDF since you will be able to be sure that the typesetting of the document will be identical on both your home PC and on lulu's printing computer. Lulu also provides an option to have your book become available to traditional "brick and mortar" book retailers.

You may be interested in using TeX, or LaTeX, to typeset your manuscript. TeX is a very powerful document layout language/specification which is very popular in academia and will produce PDF formatted files using a tool called pdflatex. The advantage of using TeX is that it performs the typesetting on your behalf so that you are able to focus your energy on writing content.

I have some additional information about LaTeX in Ben's Information Station here:

LaTeX Embedded in HTML

and here:

Presentations With LaTeX Beamer

Have you ever written a book and had it published?

Good luck publishing your book, if you have any comments please let me know and if you have any other questions which you'd like me to answer for free please send them to Ben Dash at


Blogger Ellen (or Ellie to some) said...

You can also publish your own book with Cafepress if you only want a copy for yourself or a few for friends. If you create an account at, then you can put the book on your own storefront with cafepress and advertise so people can buy it straight from your cafepress store. Of course, this method won't be likely to get you famous, but it doesn't involve any editors and you can have as many or as few books printed as you wish...then get more later, or sell them online and get direct commission...

Please if you do create a cafepress store, say that danerescue referred you so that Great Dane Rescue of North Texas will get referral credits! :o) You can visit their store for an example:

4:29 PM  
Blogger Ben Dash said...

I just checked Cafe Press and it doesn't look like they do books, but they're great if you want to do anything else from T-shirts to underwear

8:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It looks like you can now publish books through cafe press:

Cafe Press Book Pblishing

4:16 PM  

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